Anne Laycock

Studio 4. Manor Oak Studios, Green Estate, 389 Manor Lane, Sheffield, S2 1UL

07985 446765

I am a ceramicist who has a playful approach. I work with a machine that forces clay through a hole and entice the falling clay to wiggle into vessel forms.

I am a ceramicist who has a playful approach with a background as art director in the advertising industry, working as a display artist and as a decorative painter.

Most recently my work has been focused on making vessel forms that sit as 3 dimensional abstract paintings within a contemporary interior and jewellery that challenge our perceptions of material values and conventional rules.

I work with a machine that forces clay through a hole. I entice the falling single length of extruded clay, to twist and wiggle into bowl shaped formers to create ceramic vessels, fire the pieces to stoneware temperature for strength and finished them with a vibrant consistent colour to enhance the drawn like qualities of the unique three dimensional ‘Ceramic scribble’ vessels. A similar process is used to create ceramic ribbon necklaces that deceive the eye and create a little drama when worn as a neckpiece.

STUDIO: It is a purpose built shared ceramic studio provided by Yorkshire Art Space as part of the “starter Studio Program”

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