Barbara Wood

Whiston Brook Studio, 31 Moorhouse Lane, Whiston, Rotherham, S60 4NH

01709 518759 (Venue)

I make individual ceramic wall pieces and vessels pieces which are either burnished and saggar fired, or crystalline glazed to represent lush vegetation.

All of my work is hand built, so no two pieces are identical. Inspiration is all around, sometimes in a land- or seascape, sometimes in the organic forms of plants and seeds, occasionally in a short sighted glimpse of light and shadow.

I use a variety of finishing techniques, each with an unpredictable element – using the marks of smoke and fire to enhance the tactile organic forms, fixing the design deep within the unglazed surface, or glazes in which crystals grow during a controlled cooling programme, the fluid colours mingling to hint at the lush vegetation found in an untamed hedgerow.

My ‘hedgerow’ range of crystalline glazed stoneware includes more functional items - vases, planters, coasters, as well as wall pieces. These are usually slab built using a grogged stoneware or porcelain, and are painted with several glazes which flow together in the kiln, giving each piece a unique finish.

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