Donna Bramall

9 Banner Cross Road, Ecclesall, Sheffield, S11 9HQ

07857 882479
01909 733634

I am a sculptor of waste and recycled mediums. Objects seen as rubbish, I transform into an interesting assemblage or 3D sculpture.

Everything I see, feel, touch and experience influences me, including childhood stories, fairytales, poetry, global and environmental issues.

I work with recycled and waste materials; metal objects, cardboard, plastic and tyres. Objects destined for landfill, washed up on our beaches or discarded on our streets, these I transform into an interesting wall-hung assemblage or sculpture. Each piece is unique, and often dictates itself to me how it should evolve, depending on the items collected.

A lot of my sculptures are of animals, humans or birds, these being the things most affected by the waste we create. Everyday items have substance, colour and textures often overlooked by the mundane tasks they are usually acquired for.

I hope to provoke through my art the realisation of the wasteful way we behave as a society, and transforming rubbish into something inspirational and beautiful is my aim.

STUDIO: Visitors will be able to see and handle sculptures in a garden and home environment, and demonstrations will be in progress.

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Open Sat 5th May Open Sun 6th May Open Mon 7th May Open Sat 12th May Open Sun 13th May

DIRECTIONS: Buses – 30 (DORE), 82, 83 (BENTS GREEN). Alight Ecclesall Church by the Prince of Wales pub, continue up to second left. Car – follow A625 towards Castleton.

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