Lizzy Alageswaran

St Mary’s Church Hall, South Road, Walkley, Sheffield, S6 3RX

07976 609604
0114 232 3620

I paint local and faraway landscapes, now quietly invaded by sheep or other animals, as well as lyrical narrative portraits with poems.

Though I love working in lots of media from mosaic to tissue paper lanterns, I am primarily a painter.

I love painting landscapes and studying how people look, the texture of grass or skin, the passage of sun over a hillside or over a face, but this can chain me to the world as it is, force me to be too literal.

So I still paint landscapes, but I also paint narrative portraits of remembered and new friends, of dreams and dreaming, which may be less literal but closer, possibly, to truth.

STUDIO: Five artists showing a variety of work. Art work, cards & prints for sale. Demonstrations of techniques. Preview Saturday 7-9pm

Disabled Access Commissions Taken Tuition Offered On Facebook

Open Sat 5th May Open Sun 6th May Open Mon 7th May

DIRECTIONS: Number 95 from Interchange to South Road, stop at junction of Howard Road and Hadfield Street, 21926

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