Mark Gamsu

Due to unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately this artist is no longer able to open his studio.

0114 221 9803

Woodcuts and Drawings - people going about their business - getting on with life.

Originally from London - I have lived in Sheffield for over 20 years. Artists I like include Robert Crumb, Billy Childish, Stanley Spencer, Jose Posada and George Grosz – you get the idea!

I have been printing for about 20 years and now work almost exclusively in woodcuts. My work is inspired by sketches done from life. I am interested in how we present ourselves in public – working, socialising, celebrating.

I believe that small everyday events are just as important and meaningful as apparently more portentous ones – the ones that grab the headlines.

All of my work focuses on people – I hope that my work celebrates our humanity, individuality and humour.

In 2011 a selection of my sketches were published in ‘Extraordinary Sketchbooks’ published by Bloomsbury.

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