Miles Gavin

Studio 4, Manor Oaks Studios, 389 Manor Lane, Sheffield, S2 1UL

07951 894691

I make uncanny stoneware animal sculptures.

“Miles’ creations are embodiments of the emotions and sensibilities that get suppressed in day to day life, the primal instincts and fears that are there just under the surface, waiting to be triggered by the slightest hint of regression. The thoughts that simmer in the semi-conscious, quietened but making sure you are aware of their presence. His quirky ceramic creatures seem to have a sinister purpose that upsets the cute conventions and expectations of the creatures.”

STUDIO: Set in the heart of Green Estate’s Manor Lodge, stepping into my studio is like stepping into Narnia, with animals being at once familiar and uncannily different. I will be demonstrating my processes by working on a large piece over the duration of the open studios. Visiting on different days will show you different stages of the process.

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Open Sat 5th May Open Sat 12th May Open Sun 13th May

DIRECTIONS: Bus routes for access to Manor Oaks are 22, 25 & 25a for both cottages and studios. Or 120 which stops at the bottom of Manor Lane on City Road. Then walk up Manor Lane until you reach the studios.

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