Obeda Akhter

17 Carr Road, Walkley, Sheffield, S6 3TE

0114 221 6690
07593 833553

I photograph images, then incorporate onto paintings, using acrylics with my own style and ideas making 3D effect, colourful and vibrant.

I was originally from Pakistan and I moved to UK in 1998. Within this period I lived in Cyprus for 6 years and did a lot of artwork there because I was inspired by nature, the colours and the vibrant culture. I started to photograph images and then transfer them onto paintings which I still continue in Sheffield.

I’m a self taught artist and I attended various art classes to network with other artists and hence Open Up will give me the opportunity to show all my artworks.

I’m applying for this bursary because this will give me confidence and opportunity to network with local artists and get to know how to exhibit and join other artists to be recognised.

STUDIO: Interesting, spacious and great to work for inspiration as the environment is in the garden. Lots of light, life and trees.

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Open Sat 5th May Open Sun 6th May Open Mon 7th May Open Sat 12th May Open Sun 13th May

DIRECTIONS: No 95 to Walkley, get off at Rose House Pub and walk up Carr Road, no. 17. No 31 goes straight up Carr Road, Walkey.

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