Sarah Sharpe

The Lodge House, Howard Road, Walkley, Sheffield, S6 3RX

07952 230746

My work is inspired by the stories of life, old and new. I use etching, lithography, stitch and paint to make something more tangible through image

I am interested in the human condition and what makes us who we are. My work is inspired by the stories of life, old stories, and the written word that has stood the test of time. Archetypal symbolic image, that can be seen as universal and non-changing through time, informs my work. The natural, richly patterned world is always a source of awe to me. I want to draw people into looking at the smallest of things, the almost hidden and imaginary. I work in traditional materials such as intaglio etching, stone lithograph, stitch and paint and strive to make something more tangible through image. I would call my work Narrative Art. If you would like to talk to me with regard to my work, I welcome your email. I live and work in Sheffield and my work is for sale.

STUDIO: The Lodge House is a natural health practice, transformed for the weekend to exhibit varied artworks by local artists.

Commissions Taken

Open Sat 5th May Open Sun 6th May Open Mon 7th May

DIRECTIONS: Approaching Walkley from town, The Lodge House is on the left hand side of Howard Road at the bottom of the private drive leading to the Buddhist Centre. Buses 94/95/123 run every 10-15minutes, the bus stop is 50m beyond the Lodge House.

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